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Green Logistics Polska distribution center is located in Łubna in the southern part of Warsaw area. We chose this location very carefully as it situated 20 minutes from Okecie Airport and 30 minutes from main courier operators sorting facilities. This allows us to offer late pick up times and unlimited capacity for daily shipping quantity. Green Logistics Polska warehouse of 4000 square meters offers 3,000 pallet positions located in A class high storage warehouse Our services are constantly expanded by individual customer requirements, nevertheless we offer everyone basic services handled by a professional team:
Inventory Reception:
- delivery of goods on a pallet, in boxes but also loose load deliveries in overbox packaging
- quality and quantity delivery check with full electronic and photo discrepancy report
- goods registration at WMS and receipt
- depending on the type of goods, we offer valuations based on a pallet positions, boxes, shelf racks position or a simple flat rental space fee - high value goods, we offer a dedicated area supervised by cameras with limited and secured access
Order picking and release:
- submitting and previewing orders directly in our WSM
- easy integration of our WMS system with the client system
- orders fulfilment based to the indicated serial numbers, EAN codes, pallet numbers or other
pre-defined product identification elements
- real-time online access to inventory, also mobile
- orders fulfillment guaranteed for all orders submitted by 2pm
Additional services:
- box design and manufacturing
- labeling of goods
- sealing of bottles
- creating promotional sets
- co packing / kitting
- handling returns
- marketing inserts and promotional campaigns

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